a freckled Rachel

How to Have a Happy Husband {Whole Wheat Yogurt Blueberry Muffins}

Sometimes, life is complicated. Other times, it’s surprisingly simple. For instance, this last week, all it took to have a happy husband was a batch of whole wheat yogurt blueberry muffins. A few weeks back I was looking for a way to use up some aging yogurt and a boatload of wild Maine blueberries (we’ve […]

Give it Some Time {How to Make Raspberry Vinegar}

My mom called me a couple weeks ago, excited about a free PYO raspberry spot she’d found. I’m a sucker for free (even if it means traveling over an hour to my hometown). So on a bright (TOO bright) morning that week, I spent several hours with my mom, wading through brambles, squishing berries on my […]

Weekly Roundup

Lately, I’ve been teaching myself pattern drafting, so Sarai’s post on how they develop a new pattern was truly fascinating. Love, love, love, this adorable little number by Anthropologie! Just rediscovered Mandi’s darling blog Making Nice in the Midwest. Definitely a regular read! Marianne’s post almost made me wish it were winter here. 10 item wardrobe? Is […]