a freckled Rachel

My Wardrobe Architect: Defining a Core Style

Last Summer, I discovered Jennifer L. Scott’s 10-piece wardrobe project. I was fascinated. Could I create a basic wardrobe so perfect that 10 pieces was enough? Eventually, I decided that for now, I’ll concentrate on a general simplifying, not just meeting a particular number. From there, though, I started wondering about a capsule wardrobe. If […]

Valentine’s Day Heart Brooch {A Tutorial}

As promised, here’s the tutorial for making a heart-shaped brooch. Enjoy! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway to get one of these premade and for free! This tutorial does involve sewing. However, if you’re not a seamstress, don’t worry. You can actually use hot glue throughout for a slightly different brooch. Supplies hand sewing […]

My New Specs: A Rivet & Sway Review

I’m not usually one for wearing glasses as an everyday thing. My vision is bad enough that I need some sort of eye correction, but I usually go the contacts route. That, however, has now changed. Earlier this month, after a prolonged search for new glasses (mine were old, unflattering, and scratched up), I discovered […]